Madrid, 2007 I was walking through the streets early in the morning waiting for my layover flight to Israel. I was immediately struck by the number of people wearing an Arabic keffiyehs on their daily commute. Admittedly I was attracted to this ancient scarf, with its different colors, textures and patterns for a moment I remember thinking, maybe I should get one, they look pretty cool and then it hit me, wait I can’t get it, I’m Jewish and we don’t wear keffiyehs, people that try to kill Jews do. As I arrived to Israel I could not shake this feeling of connection to this garment and while walking around the old city of Jerusalem I stumbled upon protest of young Jewish kids, though I could not read their signs nor make out what they were saying, I noticed that some of them were wearing keffiyehs which blow my mind, why in the world would they wear it..

› Rediscovering our spiritual identity through a prism of a sudra

› The connection to this article of clothing, with the images of angry knife

› Now more than 10 years later and thousands sudras sold all over the world