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Sudra to me is an intersection of Judaism, Meaning, Phycology & Design” Boruch Chertok designer of the Sudra and founder on Semitic Tribes he concept of the Sudra/Sudar is derived from numerous passages in Babylonian Talmud going back 3,000 years, describes a 4 corner garment worn by the Jewish sages of that generation, giving it instant credibility as an authentic and distinctly Jewish garb. Going back even further we see that Adam (the first human) the very fist thing he made for himself & Chava were coverin gs for their bodies, when they realized that they were naked, becoming a source there of shame. All throughout the Torah & Talmud we see clothing playing an essential role in a live of a Jew. 

From specific preparation for Cohen Gadol’s dress when he came to the temple to pray on the behave of the Jewish people on the Holy days to meticulous instructions given to someone who became ritually impure, highlighting significance that clothes in our lives in terms of our daily function and how we see ourselves and perceived by others. Since the distraction of th second temple Jewish people have been exiled throughout the world incorporating customs of dress of a given country, yet one need only to scratch the surface of rich heritage that Judaism poses to see how we dressed when we knew who we were.


Meaning in Jewish terms comes from outside of oneself, it’s when one is connected to something higher than oneself, tapping into Infinite of Source Life, learning of ones purpose and living according its principal is where meaning is found. To the extent that a Jew understands, embraces and taps into their divine purpose, to that extend a Jew can live a life of meaning. On the other hand a life in pursuit of physical appetites and positions will leave one empty of meaning since its not rooted in intrinsic spiritual mission of every Jew which is fuse within them from the beginning of creation. When one puts on a sudra one is transported back to the glory days going back 3,000 years ago when the temple in Jerusalem stood when AM ISRAEL (Jewish People) were fused with clear vision of their mission, deriving meaning from G-d’s presence and unity of purpose.

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