Mosaic Yellow Tie Dye Sudra

We first launched our Interlink IDF Sundra in 2010 and we relaunched an anniversary version in 2021 highlighting the tremendous sacrifice that most Isreali citizens serving in the IDF perform on a daily basis. IDF reflects determination & power of the Jewish people and every Israli soldier will tell you that as strong & powerful the army is, without providence or the “Hand of G-d” it would not have success that IDF forces are having at the moment.This limited edition of the Interlink IDF Sudra with tzahal as well as its logo woven within the fabric features an asymmetrical interlink design that can be worn different ways when folded as a triangle while worn around one’s neck or around one’s head. It is great size and breathable and available with tassels & fringes.

* 100% Cotton

* 45 x 45 Inches


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